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Myanmar, the republic of the Union of Myanmar (also known as Burma) is situated in South-East Asia, bounded on the north by Tibet Autonomous Region of China; on the east by China, Laos and Thailand; on the south by the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal and on the west by the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh and India. The total area of the country is 676,577 square km (261,218 square miles). It is strategically located near major Indian Ocean shipping lanes.

The Ayeyarwaddy, the main river of Burma flows from north to south through the Central Burma Basin and ends in a wide delta. The Mekong runs from the Tibetan Plateau through China’s Yunnan province entering Northeastern Burma into Laos.

The mountains of the northern margin rise to 5881 meters (19,296 ft) atop Khakabo Razim the highest peak in Southeast Asia. The tow other mountain systems have northern to southern axes. The Arakan Yoma range, with peaks reaching more than 2740 meters (about 9000 ft), forms a barrier between Myanmar and the subcontinent southwestern Thailand southeastern Lower Myanmar. The Shan Plateau, origination in China has an average elevation of about 910 meters (about 3000 ft).

Over 50 percent of the total land area is covered with forests. Virgin jungles, snow capped mountains and pristine beaches, combine with rich and glorious heritage spanning more than two thousand years.

We, Myanmar people, warmly welcome to all visitors to come and explore in Myanmar which has plenty of amazing natural resorts.

Area 676,577 sq km
Capital Nay Pyi Taw
Population 60 million
Language The official Myanmar language is spoken by the majority of the population, including many of the ethnic minorities. English is widely spoken and understood.
Religion Buddhism is a multi-religious country. There is no official state religion and thus people are Christians, Muslims, Hindus and some animists. Over 80 percents of Myanmar embraces are Theravada Buddhism.
Currency    Kyat (Ks) = 100 Pyas
Denominations Ks 10,000, Ks 5,000, Ks 1,000, Ks 500, Ks 200, Ks 100, Ks 50, Ks 20, Ks 10, Ks 5, Ks 1



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