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Transportation is the most important communication in Myanmar. Most towns and cities are accessible only by land route. Thus, most people have to rely on road to travel by vehicles in Myanmar. Transportation is preferring to be relived the trip expenses and convenient to visit more enjoyable feeling as wishes on the highway surrounding by land route more than flight anything but. 

Talking about some road in Myanmar to outsiders is always an easy task. A few roads are in very good condition, some of the roads are fair and some are extremely poor based on the condition of the road. All the towns and villages are connected by full weathered roads in very good condition. Some of the roads are traveling a few hundred kilometers takes only few hours of comfortable journey.

There are four main highways or corridors running north-south in Myanmar. In terms of importance and traffic as below:

  • Yangon – Mandalay Highway. The road passes through major cities in the central Myanmar such as Bago (Pegu), Taungoo, Pyinmana, new capital Naypyidaw and Meikhtila (Meiktila).
  • Yangon – Pyay (Prome) Road. This road was built by the aid of the Japanese Government, and considered the best highway in Myanmar. It runs west of the Pegu Range (Bago Yoma).
  • Western Union Highway. This is part of a proposed Pathein – Monywa Highway, which connects towns and cities on the west of Irrawaddy River (Ayeyarwaddy). The road is still under construction and in most part, the condition and the quality of the road is very bad.
  • Yangon – new capital Naypyitaw through Mandalay or Bagan Highway. This highway route is new road as well as in very good condition. The road passes through major cities in the central Myanmar such as 115 miles, Pyinmana, new capital Naypyidaw, 285 miles and out of the pass Meikhtila (Meiktila).

A number of important roads extend from these three main corridors. Some of these roads are very imoportant for the econimy of the country that they worth mentioning here.

  • Mandalay – Lashio Road. This road starts from Mandalay and ends in Lashio, from which another road extends up to Muse, which is the border town with China. This road is the most important road in China-Myanmar border trade route. From Mandalay to Lashio.
  • Meikhtila – Taunggyi Road. This is an extention from Yangon – Mandalay Road. From Meikhtila (Meiktila), which is on the way from Yangon to Mandalay, the road extends to Taunggyi, the capital of Shan State. From Meikhtila (Meiktila) to Taunggyi.
  • Pyay (Prome) – Magway Road. This is actually a continuation of Yangon – Pyay Highway. It is running along the east bank of Irrawaddy. From Magwe, the road continues to Bagan, passing through Yenanchaung, whihc is the major oil drilling town in central Burma. Another road connects Bagan (from Kyaukpandaung) and Meikhtila (Meikhtila), thus connecting the east and west corridors.

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