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Type of Tourist Vehicle in Myanmar 

Let’s introduce the tourist vehicles, these are reasonably new, air-conditioned cars run by a company that provides back-up or repairs in the event they break down. These are the most comfortable that air-con is handy when it’s dusty and hot out, the most reliable services so that safety ever running tourist destinations.

There are many type of vehicle in Myanmar available in the usages tourism business with grand grade as per below.

   3 Seater, Normal Saloon     3 Seater, Mart II, Deluxe Saloon
3 Seater, Crown, Deluxe Saloon Pajero
14 Sear, Hi-Ace Deluxe Alphard
9 Seater, Grand Cabin G 13 Seater , Hi Ace Micro bus
18 Seater, Korea 24 Seater, Japan
30 Seater, Korea 33 Seater, Korea
45 Seater, Japan 45 Seater, Japan



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