Mandalay's Environs

MANDALAY(The Center Of Myanmar Culture)

It is situated about 600 km north of Yangon on the Ayeyarwaddy River. It is Myanmar’s second largest city and was the royal capital of the last monarchy of Myanmar. It enjoys the splendor of the golden age and still has great importance as a cultural center. Mandalay is best known not only for its rich traditional, cultural and spiritual splendor but also exquisite handicraft such as hand-woven embroidery in silk and cotton, the incredible process of making gold leaves, wood and stone carving and bronze casting etc. The river jetties at Mandalay are beehive of activity with small boats going up and down the river, bamboo rafts and cargo boats with huge logs from the teak forests upriver. Mandalay is now Myanmar’s second largest city, with a population of approximately one million. There are several ancient capitals around Mandalay such as Amarapura, Sagiang, Ava, Mingun where Kongboung dynasty kings established their capitals respectively.

How to Get There
Mandalay International airport is the gateway. Mandalay is only over an hours’ flight from Yangon. Myanmar Airways, Yangon Airways, Air Bagan, Asian Wings, Air KBZ, Mannyadanapon Air and Air Mandalay operate daily flights. By road, it takes about 12 hours by Express coaches; and about 14 hours by train from Yangon.

Where to Stay
Mandalay has a wide choice of accommodation from international chain hotels and guests houses for visitors to suit their taste and budget.

Where To See
Mandalay Hill
The Mandalay Hill is situated in the north-east corner of the Mandalay Royal Palace. Its altitude is 236.5m above sea level and its height goes up to 167.64m. Tourists can experience the most breathtaking and colourful sun set from Mandalay Hill. As an ancient Myanmar saying goes: “To live life a little longer in the pastoral shadows of old Mandalay Hill”.

Shwenandaw Monastery
This Monastery is a very wonderful building beautifully carved in wood. Shwenandaw means – “Golden Palace”. It is not only the traditionally carved wooden monastery, but a piece and part of remains from King Mindon’s Palace. It was fully covered with gold-leaves. It is an authentic part of the ancient palace of the last King of Myanmar.

Mahamuni Pagoda
Mahamuni Buddha statute in Mandalay is also called Maha Myat Muni Pagoda, Payagyi and Rakhine Payagyi. It was conveyed from Rakhine to Mandalay by the Regent son of King Bowdaw of Amarapura. This image was blessed by Buddha seven times in his bosom. The faithful believed in this statute that hard Buddha still lives on.

Kuthodaw Pagoda
King Mindon built this pagoda in 1868 , surrounding it with 729 marbles slabs inscribed with the Tipitaka text (the Three Baskets of the Buddhist Pali canon). It is often called the ‘World’s Biggest Books’.


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