Safety for Customer

This service will be a unique advantage of travelling with YTT. (Especially for Group Tour)

Mr.Hla Myint, One of our tour leader or Company Representative, was a retired officer from Myanmar Police Forces.

He will be assigned for group tour and lead the tour around Myanmar.  So, there will be much more safety to travel by his escorted plan and management.

Kindly view his personal profile as below ……..

Profile of  Mr.Hla Myint

1. Name :  Hla Myint/Mr
2. Nationality :  Myanmar
3. Education : B.Sc.(Physics)
4. Working Experiences : 32 Years under Government
5. Employment History :

Joined Myanmar Police Force in 1983 and attended Police 2nd Lieutenant Training.

Served as a Crime Investigation Officer in Ayeyarwaddy Region at Police 2nd Lieutenant Level.

Served as a Case Officer, Staff Officer and Deputy Director of Division against Transnational Crime, Myanmar Police Force Headquarters up to the Police Lieutenant Colonel level.

Retired on 20.7.2015 at the age of 60.

6. Oversea Experience : Interpol Communication X.400 Training, Japan, 1998
    : Interpol Global Communication I-24/7 Training, Thailand, 2004
    : 9th ASEANAPOL Database System Working Group Meeting, Cambodia, 2005
    : 15th ASEANAPOL Database System Technical Committee Meeting, Malaysia, 2006
    : Regional Intelligence Analysis Development Programme, JCLEC, Indonesia, 2009
    : China-ASEAN Workshop for Senior Law Enforcement Officers Course, SPC, Shanghai, 2012
    : 30th ASEANAPOL Database System Technical Committee Meeting, Brunei, 2013
    : Interpol Workshop for International Fugitives on Environmental Crime, Jakarta, 2014
    : Interpol Southeast Asia CT Investigative Skill Training, Bali, 2014
    : Currently cooperating with YTT Tourism for the Safety of Tourists who are travelling with us.



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