Western Province of Myanmar


Rakhine, one of the national races of the Union of Myanmar, has a long history of glory. Chronicles speak of many ancient royal cities that were seats of the Rakine dynasties. The Ann valley is an important trade route between Rakhine state and central of the country. Arakan, Rakine people, played a pivotal role in the exchange of cultures and religions between India and Southeast Asia.
The earliest of the ancient Rakhine cities are Dwarawaddy and Dhanyawaddy (3000BC). The last king, Minsawmun founded the ancient royal city of Mrauk-U in the year 1430.

Sittwe is the Capital city of the Rakhine State. Sittwe is situated on an estuarial island at the confluence of the Kaladan River, Myu River and Lemyo River.
Sittwe is a busy report that has plenty of traditional houses along the waterfront. There are monasteries with a mix of European and Traditional Architecture.
A view point of Sittwe, Rakkhine cultural Museum, Kantharyar Beach Report are the most interesting places in Sittwe.

Mrauk U
The old capital of Rakhine founded in 15 century, and remained its capital for 355 years. The golden city of Mrauk U became known in Europe as a city of oriental splendor after friar Sebastian Manrique’s vivid account of the coronation of King “Thiri Thudhamma” in 1635 and about the Rakhine Court and intrigues of the Portuguese adventurers fire the imagination of later authors. Mrauk U can reach from Sittwe though a very pleasant river journey about 4 hours. Even the pagodas are strategically located on hilltops and look like fortresses and indeed they are once use as such in times of enemy intrusion. There moats, artificial lakes and canals and the whole area could be flooded to deter or repulse attackers.

Shitthaung Temple
Shitthaung temple, lying on the hill-lock, is more a fortress than a pagoda. The temple was built by Minbin, also known as Minbagyi (1532-1553). The temple is virtually a storehouse of sculptures. There are two passages around the main prayer hall. The first passage occupied by innumerable Buddha images and the second one is decorated with sculptures in high relief. The figures represent birds and animals in the lowers rows and seated men holding flowers in the top row.


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